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AI for improving clinical trials & drug development, entrepreneurship & AI safety | Charles Fisher

October 30, 2022 Jay Shah, Charles Fisher Season 1 Episode 36
Jay Shah Podcast
AI for improving clinical trials & drug development, entrepreneurship & AI safety | Charles Fisher
Show Notes

Dr. Charles Fisher is the CEO and Founder of Unlearn(dot)AI which helps in faster drug development and efficient clinical trials. This year they also raised a series B funding of 50 million dollars. Charles holds a Ph.D. in biophysics from Harvard University and prior to founding Unlearn, he did his Postdoctorate at Boston University, followed by being a principal scientist at Pfizer and a machine learning engineer at a virtual reality company in silicon valley. 

Time stamps of the conversation
00:00:30 Introduction
00:01:16 What got you into Machine Learning?
00:04:10 Learning the basics and implementation
00:07:55 Digital twins for clinical trials and drug development
00:13:06 Patient heterogeneity in medical research
00:16:05 Error quantification of models
00:17:17 ML models for drug development
00:22:45 Adoption of AI in medical applications
00:25:35 Building trust in AI systems 
00:35:10 How to show AI models are safe in the real world?
00:38:38 Moving from academia to industry to entrepreneurship
00:45:08 Research projects in startups vs academia vs big companies
00:53:12 Routine as a CEO
00:57:50 Is a Ph.D. necessary for a research career in the industry?
01:01:20 Taking inspiration from biology to improve machine learning
01:05:25 Advice to young people

About Charles:
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drckf/
More about Unlearn: https://www.unlearn.ai/

About the Host:
Jay is a Ph.D. student at Arizona State University.
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