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Current and future state of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare | Dr. Matthew Lungren

December 28, 2022 Jay Shah, Matthew Lungren Season 1 Episode 37
Jay Shah Podcast
Current and future state of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare | Dr. Matthew Lungren
Show Notes

Dr. Matthew Lungren is currently the Chief Medical Information Officer at Nuance Communications - Microsoft company, and also holds part-time appointments with the University of California San Francisco as an Associate Clinical Professor and also as adjunct faculty at Stanford and Duke University. He is a radiologist by training and has led and contributed to multiple projects that use AI and deep learning for medical imaging and precision medicine. 

Time stamps from the conversation
00:00:55 Introduction
00:01:46 Role as a Chief Medical Information Officer 
00:05:25  Leading research projects in the industry
00:08:45 Is AI ready for primetime use cases in the real world?
00:12:40 Regulations on AI systems in healthcare
00:17:25 Interpretability vs a robust validation framework
00:25:22 Promising directions to mitigate data issues in medical research
00:32:24 Stable diffusion models 
00:34:06 Making datasets public
00:39:00 Vision transformers for multi-modal models
00:44:35 Biomarker discovery
00:48:20 Sentiment of AI in medicine 
00:53:26 Bridging the communication gap between computer scientists and medical experts
01:01:42 Advice to young researchers from medical and engineering schools

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattlungrenmd
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattlungrenmd/

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