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Building a research lab from scratch & using AI for Social Good, Manish Gupta Google Research India

November 11, 2021 Jay Shah, Manish Gupta Season 1 Episode 31
Jay Shah Podcast
Building a research lab from scratch & using AI for Social Good, Manish Gupta Google Research India
Show Notes

Dr. Manish Gupta is currently the Director of Google Research in India. Prior to that he was the Vice-president and led the Xerox Research Center in India majorly working on data analytics and mobile computing. Before that he also at IBM research in India leading the efforts and building a lab focused on high-performance computing and business analytics. He also worked on the IBM Blue Gene supercomputer project in the early 2000s at IBM TJ Watson research center for which IBM received the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from the President of the US. He also led the efforts at Goldman Sachs developing technologies relating to cloud, databases, and networking aiding business functions. We also co-founded and was the CEO of an educational technology startup called VideoKen. He has received many distinguished awards for his efforts and has coauthored many academic papers in the domains of computer science.

00:00:00 Introductions
00:01:50 What kind of research projects are you currently spearheading at Google Research and what does your work routine look like?
00:06:30 What was your thought process prior to joining Google Research?
00:13:40 What’s the difference between a Researcher | Senior Researcher | Director of research?
00:23:00 What should robust AI systems look like?
00:33:22 How do you decide which research problems to work on?
00:46:46 What kind of challenges have you encountered while working on AI research problems specific to India?
00:56:15 How do you design and evaluate the impact of these AI projects?
00:59:27 What made you consider shifting back to India after a long streak of a career in the USA? What factors did you consider?
01:03:06 Any skills you would suggest students nurture apart from technical expertise?
01:05:40 There’s always a concern about AI usage and automation. Where do you think the balance lies?

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