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Tips & Insights into Program Manager Role | Divy Thakkar, PM at Google Research

January 16, 2022 Jay Shah, Divy Thakkar Season 1 Episode 32
Jay Shah Podcast
Tips & Insights into Program Manager Role | Divy Thakkar, PM at Google Research
Show Notes

Divy is a Program Manager and one of the founding members of  Google research in India. He is actively involved and leading strategic programs that connect academia and research at Google, programs that focus on AI-for-Social-Good initiatives, and educational programs for schools in India with a particular focus on building computer science foundations.

00:00:12 Introductions
00:01:12 Background prior to joining Google
00:08:40 Programs you are working on as a Program Manager at Google Research and what are your responsibilities
00:14:35 Lifecycle of a program & various phases
00:17:55 Getting involved in research while being a Program Manager
00:25:55 Learning skills for strategic thinking as a PM
00:35:08 How did you get your PM role at Google and what was the interview like?
00:40:35 Resources people can use to prepare for PM interviews
00:41:58 Difference b/w Product vs Program vs Technical Manager
00:46:10 Previous experiences that helped develop skills for Program Manage role
00:53:58 Tips on being more organized with work

Divy's Homepage: https://sites.google.com/view/divythakkar
Twitter: https://twitter.com/divy93t
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/divythakkar/

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